Golden Tee Holes In One

Golden Tee has become a favorite parlor game of mine. It’s quite a bit of fun to hang out and play (virtual) golf with good people. In my few years of playing the game regularly I’ve gotten much better. I’ve also managed to hit a few holes In one. Check out the links to each golden tee holes in one:

The Goods

June 18, 2019:
Number 1

February 25, 2020:
Number 2

March 13 2020: This is by far my favorite and most unexpected.
Number 3

March 16 2020: This happened during a solo round just days before Covid-19 Lockdown began. This was also just 3 days after the previous ace.
Number 4

Get Yours

Get out of the house and go play you a round of Golden Tee. Find a location with the game here.

Fidget Spinners!

I know I’m about three months late to the party, but I just got my first fidget spinner a couple of weeks ago.  This thing is awesome!  I am a fidgety person.  When I am sitting at my desk I usually have something out to mess with while I tinker around on the computer.  I don’t know… it helps me think, or it helps me procrastinate.

The one I purchased consists of four ball bearings.  One on each post and one in the middle.  The one in the middle has a plastic cap to get a better grip on.  The other three don’t seem to serve much purpose except to grab on the the end and dangle the thing.

According to the Wikipedia article “The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with focusing or fidgeting by relieving nervous energy or psychological stress. As of May 2017, there is no scientific evidence that they are effective as a treatment for autism or ADHD.”  But, I don’t need scientific evidence, this thing is awesome.

I got one on Amazon here.

fidget spinner still
Fidget Spinner
fidget spinner in action
Fidget Spinner In Action!