Welcome Again

Welcome again! The Travisty blog has officially relaunched. I started this blog back in 2017 and wrote a few posts within the first year but then lost interest and moved on to other things. I also shut the server hosting these sites. But, I recently started this server back up to host another site. After some tinkering I realized I could host multiple sites using the same IP address. Since this site was already configured it took minimal effort to get it back online. So we’re back for 2021, BAM! This year is already shaping up to be icing on the cake known as 2020.

So far I am already working on a number of posts and topics. In addition to the topics I set out to write about originally I will also publish “book reports” in which I will document the books I am reading. I may also look to do some updates to the site, though I do quite like the 2017 look and feel that I left off with. Feels so retro. So that’s that. Perhaps we’ll keep this going a bit longer this time around. Welcome and enjoy!

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